Find an OT in your area

Find an OT (Occupational Therapists) in your area

Ray Anne Cook

City: cpt
Area: Eversdal Heights, Cape Town
Contact number: 021 9762258 or 0829632845

Cornelia de Wet & Associates

City: cpt
Area: Gardens, Cape Town
Contact number: 0843675618
We are a Peadiatric Occupational Therapy Practice specialising in Sensory Integration Therapy.  We see a variety of children between the ages of 3 and 12 with developmental delays, learning difficulties and sensory integration disfunction. Left handers are welcome!

Michelle Luyt

City: cpt
Area: Plettenburg Bay
Contact number: 072 383 4989
I specialise in paediatrics, early intervention, and developmental delay. I am trained in Ayres Sensory Integration and completed a Masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention.

Kirsty Beamish

City: cpt
Area: Plumstead and Constantia
Contact number: 083 301 8531
I am a Paediatric Occupational Therapist working at Foundations for Life, a child and family centre in the Southern Suburbs. I treat a variety of developmental delays and learning difficulties; and have a special interest in sensory processing disorders as well as gifted children and the barriers they face with regards to learning.

Jacqueline De Boer

City: cpt
Area: Port Elizabeth
Contact number: 0832591969
I obtained my Baccalaureus Scientiae degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of the Western Cape in 2003. I’ve worked as a Community Service Therapist at Sebokeng Hospital in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng and after completion of my community service year, was then transferred to Livingstone Hospital (Physical Rehabilitation) in Port Elizabeth where I’ve started as a Junior Therapist, and was promoted in 2008 as Head of the Occupational Therapy department. I was actively involved in clinical and managerial duties, supervising therapists.

I started my private practice in 2006. Where I consulted and treat various age groups and conditions. I spend most of my time in Paediatrics, assessing, writing reports and treating learners with: visual perceptual difficulties, learning barriers, fine motor skills, gross motor kills and handwriting. During the mornings, I am working at Lonwabo School for the physical disabled as a Senior Therapist, assessing and treating children with Cerebral Palsy, socio-emotional, physical conditions and barriers to learning (Inclusive Solutions to remediate the language and learning barrier). I am registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and with The Board for Health Care Professionals (BHF). My field of interest includes: Paediatrics, Vocational Rehabilitation, Children and Adult Orthopaedic and Neuro conditions. I attend regular courses and workshops pertaining Continuous Professional Development, stay informed of new developments of work. I am a member of OTASA (Occupational Therapy Association). I also held membership of SANDTA (South Africa Neurodevelopment Therapy Association).

Jane Durham

City: cpt
Area: Rondebosch and Kenilworth
Contact number: 074 8931 074
in-depth assessment of visual motor integration and fine motor control, bilateral integration ,postural control, visual perception and sensory processing.

Treatment within a fun, safe, nurtuting environment, working on bilateral integration(integrating right and left sides of the brain and body); fine motor control and dexterity, functionally enabling the left-hander to become more proficient with tasks relevant to his/her daily life e.g. drawing, writing, tying shoelaces, eating with a knife and fork, exploring helpful strategies, e.g. slanted boards for better wrist position, adapted pencil grips.

Janine Franz

City: cpt
Area: Rondebosch and Plumstead
Contact number: 071 687 1807
I work at 104 Milner Road Rondebosch doing regular OT, ages 3-10 years old.
I also work at 9 Firfield Road Plumstead running my Interactive Metronome programme, any age through to adulthood.

I also run and develop both a a gross motor body movement and perception program for Grades R-3 and a fine motor group program for grade 2 currently with expansion to grade 1 and R in the future, at a well known school in Claremont Cape Town.

Michelle Pearson

City: cpt
Area: Somerset West
Contact number: 0846573081
I am a paediatric Occupational Therapist working with children from birth to 12 years of age.
I treat babies experiencing developmental delays, and give advice to families on normal baby milestones and how to stimulate age appropriate development.
I also work with older children who are experiencing difficulties with sensory integration, postural control, motor abilities, visual perception, school related tasks (such as writing and numeracy) and concentration. I am experienced and enjoy working with children with special needs (such as syndromes and the autistic spectrum).

Amy Rode

City: cpt
Area: Stellenbosch
Contact number: 0825624147
I am an OT in Stellenbosch and I work with the paediatric population only.

Kay de Villiers

City: cpt
Area: Western Cape
Contact number: 067 497 5548
Occupational Therapy
Clanwilliam and Vredendal, Western Cape
Work Evaluations and Paediatrics

Fryer & Cornelius

City: el
Area: Vincent
Contact number: 043 726 2100
We specialise in peadiatrics, employee wellness and disability consulting, as well as medico-legal assessments. We consists of a dynamic, enthusiastic team of therapists who offer services from our base practice as well as satellite practices at some of the local schools in East London. We work with children of all ages who may experience difficulty with postural and gross motor skills, fine motor or handwriting skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory integration disorders, hyperactivity, spectrum disorders, neurological conditions or any other developmental or academic concerns. We have seen a lot of left-handed children at our practice over the years and understand that challenges they may face, and the support and intervention that could be of value. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your child or concerns!

Lauren Jeannie Vial

City: jhb
Area: 24 Longfellow Road, Farrarmere, Benoni
Contact number: 0727843798
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (University of the Witwatersrand) (graduated 2008), Master of Science in Occupational Therapy to specialise in paediatrics perception via course work and research report (University of the Witwatersrand) (graduated 2016)


I see children and adolescents between the age of two and 18 years.

Areas of include: developmental delay, difficulties in postural and gross motor skills, fine motor skills (including handwriting skills for younger and older children); difficulties in handwriting and letter formation; difficulties in visual perceptual skills; Autism Spectrum Disorder; difficulties in sensory processing and concentration. I have also attended courses to assist children suffering with anxiety. Participation in daily self-care tasks, play and school performance are also addressed.
I am currently offering telehealth therapy sessions and consultations on a virtual platform during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inge Morgan

City: jhb
Area: Beaulieu, Kyalami, Dainfern
Contact number: 082 879 5182

I am a Pediatric OT with a special interest in sound based technology and intervention for focus, coordination and language processing. I offer Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, Quickshifts, Soundsory, Forbrain and Pronounce for self-regulation, Neurotiming, focus, attention and motor coordination.

Infants through adulthood. Left-handed welcome.

I have a special interest in Sensory Integration.

I am an accredited provider of Therapeutic Listening and Quickshifts, and Interactive Metronome. or

Rowena Y. Joseph

City: jhb
Area: Benoni
Contact number: 0835980989 / 0114256448
Learning and other developmental disorders.
Sensory Integration Therapy.
Vocational Assessments for Adults with disabilities

Kerryn Liebenberg

City: jhb
Area: Birdhaven
Contact number: 084 318 9859
Paediatric occupational Therapist (special interest in children on the autistic spectrum). The occupational therapy intervention that I provide, aims to support, empower and encourage your child’s growth and development. My sessions are child centred and create a space where children of all abilities feel safe, and are able to learn through play.

Christy Groome

City: jhb
Area: Bryanston
Contact number: 0833068452
Christy Groom completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy through the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  After qualifying in 2007 she worked at Talk Sense Occupational Therapy where she did private therapy as well as individual and group therapy at Talk Shop Pre-Primary, a special needs school for children with speech and language difficulties.  She joined the Brescia House team in January 2012.  Christy is certified in Sensory Integration.  She has experience in sensory integration disorders, dyspraxia, developmental delays, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, speech and language delays and children on the Autistic spectrum.  She loves working with children and their families to help them reach their full potential and believes that early intervention is key.

Nicola Colman

City: jhb
Area: Bryanston
Contact number: 082 729 5818
Being left-handed myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges a left-hander can experience in a right-handed world.

I am a sensory integration trained occupational therapist who has worked in the field of paediatrics for 11 years. I work at Brescia House, a private school, in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Together with an Educational Psychologist, we have opened a multi-disciplinary paediatric practice in Fourways. I assess and treat children from 2 years to about 10 years old and see the following conditions:

sensory integration difficulties, dyspraxia, developmental delays, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD. I am also an accredited provider of the Therapeutic Listening Programme.

Monique Harris

City: jhb
Area: Florida Hills, Florida, Roodepoort
Contact number: 0743598192
Special interest in paediatrics. Assessment and treatment of children with developmental problems, scholastic difficulties, perceptual delays as well as gross and fine motor problems.

Francoise Harrison

City: jhb
Area: Fourways
Contact number: 0828867730
Special interest in Sensory Integration, early intervention (babies and toddlers), and special needs.
Accredited Provider of Therapeutic Listening Programme
Accredited provider of Interactive Metronome therapy approach

Leigh Freeman

City: jhb
Area: Fourways
Contact number: 083 392 9777
I’m a paediatric Occupational Therapist and an ILT (Integrated Learning Therapy) practitioner

Velda Frankim

City: jhb
Area: Kensington
Contact number: 0723987054
My areas interest: sensory integration, developmental delay, perceptual skills, classroom functionality

Mumtaaz Hassen

City: jhb
Area: Lenasia, Sandton, Woodmead, Bryanston
Contact number: 0825561650
Special Interest in paediatrics
specialist certifications in sensory integration (SI)
Assessments and treatment of children from Birth to 13 years
Curative and preventative approaches used
Scholastic, concentration and postural tone difficulties
Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Difficulties, Developmental Delay
Gross and fine motor difficulties
Left hander's living in a right handed world
Cerebral palsy, autism, Genetic disorders / syndromes,  AD(H)D
Fussy and colic babies.
School readiness assessments
Appropriate school placements

Rozanne du Toit

City: jhb
Area: Linden
Contact number: 084 888 1211
Occupational therapy (UFS)
Sensory Integration qualified
Therapeutic Listening trained 
Neuro Developmental Therapy (Bobath) trained

The Child Integration Centre

City: jhb
Area: Lonehill
Contact number: 083 248 1246
The Child Integration Centre is a practice of 7 OTs who specialise in Sensory Integration. We work with children who have developmental delays or any sensory, motor or learning difficulties. We enjoy assisting left handed children and some of our OTs have been trained to facilitate workshops for left-handed children and their parents

Ingrid van der Westhuizen

City: jhb
Area: Midrand
Contact number: 082 698 5726
Occupational therapist
Additional qualifications:
Sensory integration certified
TOMATIS Solisten practitioner
Interactive Metronome provider

Candice Vermaak

City: jhb
Area: Northcliff
Contact number: 0833650331
School based paediatric occupational therapist

Cheryl Bennie

City: jhb
Area: Norwood
Contact number: 0835593023
I have a masters degree in occupational therapy and specialise in treating children from birth to early teens. My practice is based on a sensory integrative approach.

Kathryn Tarlton

City: jhb
Area: Paulshof, St Peters School
Contact number: 084 583 0001
I am an Occupational Therapist working at a Private School (St Peter's School) in Paulshof Johannesburg.

I have been in the field of paediatric O.T. for the past 15 years.

I specialise in Sensory Integration therapy as well as the Tomatis Solisten programme and Therapeutic Listening.

I work with children from the ages of about 3 until 10 years of age with the following areas of difficulty:

Sensory integration diffiulties
Sensory modulation difficulties
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
Autism and Asperges syndrome
Down Syndrome
Learning difficulties
Motor co-ordination difficulties

Alta Fisher

City: jhb
Area: Roodepoort
Contact number: 083 298 3645
Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration Certified
Special Interest: Paediatrics
- Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN),
- Early childhood development
- Learners with Sensory Integration Difficulties
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Anne McEvoy

City: jhb
Area: Sandton
Contact number: 011 8023942 / 0845008276
I am a very experienced OT with an excellent reputation.
I have worked with many left handed children of all ages, from babies to
17 year olds and have even taken some patents into therapy.
I am a fully trained Sensory Motor Integration therapist and use other techniques as well.
I work with Children with learning difficulties, ADHD, Developmental delay, Autism, Cerebral Palsy
And writing difficulties.

Kathryn Nish

City: jhb
Area: Weltevreden Park
Contact number: 079 132 5124
I work with children, parents, teachers and other professionals in order to meet the various needs of the child. I am able to go into school and work with teachers to meet the needs of the learners as I am not affiliated to any individual school.

Gwen Marie Cloete

City: jhb, pta
Area: Mobile practice in Pretoria and Johannesburg
Contact number: 072 720 60 92
Sensory processing disorders
Developmental Delay (low muscle tone, poor motor planning
Learning Difficulties (dyslexia, reading, writing & mathematical disorders)
School Readiness
Child Psychology (Mood and Behavioural disorders, Anxiety Disorders

Emma Emmerich

City: pe
Area: Newton Park
Contact number: 041 365 3791
I specialise in younger children, from birth up to 4 years.  Anything to do with that age group, I do it

Karen Powell

City: pta
Area: Lynwood Ridge
Contact number: 012 348 4146 or 072 241 6027
Special interests: Early intervention and Sensory Integration with preschool children, but also Grade 1’s and 2’s.

Harmanda Bekker

City: pta
Area: Rietfontein
Contact number: 0823254610
I am a Sensory Integration and Neuro Developmental therapist with over 24 years years working with children all ages (love helping left handed children).

Gerda van Geer Arbeidsterapie

City: pta
Area: Wierdapark
Contact number: 084 838 3631
Working with clients expereincing functional limitations in daily life whether due to impaired development, sensory integration, visual perceptual skills, being left-handed or just different. A special interest in Sensory Processing fuels therapy but other modalities are also used to assist with promoting typical development, adapting to and disolving learning barriers, improving academic performance and advancing social functioning. Certified provider of Therapeutic Listening.