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This is a workshop for all who work with lefties: teachers,parents,and therapists alike.
Many left-handers find skills such as cutting, drawing, letter and number formation quite challenging and frustrating. Do you know how these skills may be taught differently to accommodate left-handedness? Do you know the learning problems often associated with left-handedness and how to overcome them?
Do you understand why left-dominant people think differently to the right-dominant person?
Join us for this interesting and interactive workshop and learn different techniques to deal with your little lefties, and find out how to avoid classic problems such as a ‘hooked grip’, slow or untidy handwriting.
Learn how small changes can make huge differences in the development of their fine motor skills,and ultimately their day-to-day comfort.
I will help you step into the shoes of a lefty and understand their world a little better.

The workshop is approximately 2 hours long, and the cost is R250 per person. This includes all workshop material and notes,with some refreshments. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill in the form below to make a booking or call Tracy on 083 417 3316 or e-mail, and avoid disappointment.
Alternatively, tell your school about me,and I will come and offer this workshop in the comfort of your school facility.

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