Workshop Recordings

This is a workshop for all who work with lefties: teachers,parents,and therapists alike.
Many left-handers find skills such as cutting, drawing, letter and number formation quite challenging and frustrating. Do you know how these skills may be taught differently to accommodate left-handedness? Do you know the learning problems often associated with left-handedness and how to overcome them?
Do you understand why left-dominant people think differently to the right-dominant person?
Join us for this interesting and interactive workshop and learn different techniques to deal with your little lefties, and find out how to avoid classic problems such as a ‘hooked grip’, slow or untidy handwriting.
Learn how small changes can make huge differences in the development of their fine motor skills,and ultimately their day-to-day comfort.
I will help you step into the shoes of a lefty and understand their world a little better.

Workshop Recordings are available on Flash-Drive / Disc to order here: Order Form