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? How does a left handed ruler work?

A right handed child would hold the ruler with his left hand and pull the pen or pencil along the ruler with his right hand from left to right. He is able to see the numbers on the ruler as he pulls the writing instrument across the ruler and stop at the desired number.

A left handed child would hold the ruler in position with his right hand and then pushes the writing instrument across the ruler. Because he is using his left hand he covers the numbers as he pushes the instrument and in order to see the numbers will either have to contort his writing hand or lift his hand up altogether. Also by pushing the writing instrument, often the ruler will be pushed out of position and causes a ‘skew’ line.

It is easier and neater for a left handed child to hold the ruler in his right hand and pull the writing instrument from right to left across the ruler thus also recreating a pulling rather than pushing motion the pen. However, if the numbers are going from left to right the child won’t be able to draw a line of a certain length if required to do so. The simple solution is for the numbers to run from right to left.