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Welcome to Left-hand Learning - the only South African company dedicated to left-hand learners, their parents and educators!!

We know how challenging fine motor skills can be for some children and, for some left-handers, it can be even more so. Those critical skills such as cutting, drawing, letter and number formation are so important in the development of our children and, often, need to be taught from a left-handed perspective.

That’s why our focus is on education – the role our teachers play in developing these skills is absolutely critical. Without understanding and knowledge (and in some cases the appropriate stationery) a child may struggle unnecessarily learning the basic fine motor skills.

We know that stationery can play an important part and we stock a range of items that we feel are ‘right for lefties’. It’s not enough, though, just to have left-handed stationery. If the learners (and parents and teachers) aren’t shown how to use left handed stationery correctly, it can sometimes cause even more frustration – so we start with education.

That's why we feel it is important to recognize those schools that have made a commitment to empowering their teachers with the skills to teach left-handers. If you would like to find out whether your school has held a workshop on teaching left-handers, please email tracy@lefthandlearning.co.za.

With our programme of workshops, specialized educational resources and information forum, we hope we can make the world of difference to your little lefty!